We’re overextended!

We have two shows for you this week. First up:

“Loaded Gun Theory presents: A Special Live Taping of The Freddy Argyle Show!”Argyle has been hosting his near-weekly talk show in his home-studio for the past eighteen months and will bring his unique brand of “investigative interviewing” and “charm” to FronteraFest in an intimate and revealing chat with a real-life Austin hero.

It’s currently sold out (see I told you to get those tickets early). But you can head down to Hyde Park Theater an hour before show time and get on the waiting list. They’re usually really good about squeezing almost everyone on the waiting list in, but you need to get there early. Al has written a hilarious show and you owe it to yourself to see it.

If you can’t get into that show then we have another show for you on Saturday:

“Big Box God” Consultants Cynthia and Richard invite the neighborhood to tour Hyde Park United Methodist church and provide input on their much improved mixed-use plan for the site and for the neighborhood. Cynthia and Richard have been hired to repurpose the site to reach out to the “unchurched” and compete against the Big Box churches popping up on the outskirts of Austin.

This is a site specific comedy starring Julie and Tim Thomas. It’s not technically a Loaded Gun Theory piece (mainly because it’s come together so fast there’s been no time for a meeting), but I figured that you might be interested anyway. It’s at 3:15 on Saturday at Hyde Park United Methodist Church as part of Mi Casa Es Su Teatro. The cost is three dollars and here’s a map.