MK Ultra

mkultraM.K. Ultra


Travis Holmes

December 3rd and 4th, 10th and 11th

$7 General Admission and $5 for Students

at the Movements Gallery

This was my Y2K play, which I guess means it can’t be performed again for a long time, and then maybe only as a sort of time capsule kind of thing. It starred Mike Nelson, Jade Simms, myself, and was directed by Maureen Cross. I was listening to Alex Jones a lot at the time and getting myself truly paranoid, and I started to wonder what truly paranoid guys like Alex Jones would be doing on the eve of 2000. This inspired me to create this psycho radio talk show host named Roland Mission. I was a bit disappointed at first that nothing extraordinary happened at the new year. No big explosions, no hostile police or military activity, no black helicopters hovering over 6th street. It’s funny how it was such a huge deal at the time, worries about computer networks bringing down entire cities, massive violence, etc. But who needs Y2K? We’re already good complacent little moo-cows who consider it a virtue to suffer under the law of the land without complaining. The less physical violence used in their takeover, the more effective it is because it keeps us bored, and we walk around thinking there’s no reason to be upset, there’s nothing to fight against. I agree with Roland. You people make me sick.