Time to get your tickets!

It’s time to get your tickets! Tuesday February 6th at 8:00PM Loaded Gun Theory is bringing you “Loaded Gun Theory presents: A Special Live Taping of The Freddy Argyle Show!”

Argyle has been hosting his near-weekly talk show in his home-studio for the past eighteen months and will bring his unique brand of “investigative interviewing” and “charm” to FronteraFest in an intimate and revealing chat with a real-life Austin hero.

With Al Im at the typewriter, Anna Ford on the directing bongos, and starring Al Im, Ian LeClair, Julie Winston-Thomas, E.D. Harrelson, and Beth Trumpey. You don’t want to miss it!

Tickets can be purchased online at the Hyde Park Theater website or to go directly there:


You should probably get them early. Now that they have online ticket sales, shows have been selling out quickly.