Bride of Slapdash


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Year 4
We're marking our 4th year of Slapdash Flimflammery. Yet again we're locking the writers into the theater at 10pm on July 27th, where they'll write feverishly through the night. The directors will show up at 7am and have their plays cast by 8am when the actors arrive. 12 hours of rehearsal follow, and that's when you - the audience - show up. At 8pm on July 28th, to see the world premiere of six new plays. You'll be amazed by what can be accomplished in 24 hours, and this year we're adding new tricks to our repertoire. Last year sold out and this year is well on its way, so get your tickets now!
The Writers
We're excited that this year we're bringing back Loaded Gun Theory's original writing lineup: E.D. Harrelson, Julie Winston-Thomas, Brandon Salinas, Paul Emig, Timothy Thomas, and Travis Holmes.
The Directors
Directing we have Karen Jambon, Brandon Salinas, Frank Benge, Nikki Zook, Timothy Thomas, and Ian LeClair.
The Actors
And our fantastic actors this year are: John Dunn, Anna Larson, Andy Smith, Bill Arnold, Marianna Guerrero, Beth Trumpy, Emily Abrams, Ian King, Miriam Rubin, Laurie Gallardo, Jeff Kievlan, Glenn Fraser, Courtney Hopkin, Scott Tesh, Amy Lewis, Le Easter, Martina Olhauser, and Julie Wright.
The Crew
Our tech goddesses are Gina Lopez and Tara Dubose, and our stage goddess is Christina Teichman-Gardner.