What a day…

We had a Loaded Gun Theory meeting last night. It went fantastically. Even if everyone seems to be in flux with babies and housing changes. We’ve got [link:LGT.Shows.Slapdash Slaps Back|Slapdash Flimflammery 3: Slapdash Slaps Back!] coming at you July 8th. We could not be more excited. We’ve got a great cast this year, and we’re having a regular Loaded Gun Theory writers reunion. That’s right, you get Brandon Salinas, Paul Emig, Julie Winston-Thomas, E.D. Harrelson and myself (Timothy Thomas). Mr. Holmes will be acting on this one. We’re working on throwing in one more surprise person. It’ll be good times. So get your party boots ready for July 8th.

Of course, before we talked about that we had to talk about [link:LGT.Shows.Bitten!: A Zombie Rock Odyssey|Bitten!: A Zombie Rock Odyssey]. This is going to be the most amazing (and difficult show we’ve ever undertaken). We’re talking to Choreographers, trying to round up technicians. All the good stuff. We’ve got some awesome promotions planned (Zombie Flash Mobs!) that should be fun for the whole family.

This is going to be a big year for Loaded Gun Theory. 3 new kids and 3 new shows. Make sure to keep checking back as things develop. And we’ll let you know the minute you can sign up to be a zombie!