UPDATE: Baka Gaijin was selected as one of the best pieces of the week and will have an encore performance Saturday, January 15th at 8pm

Loaded Gun Theory will be performing E.D. Harrelson\’s Baka Gaijin at FronteraFest 2005.
We perform this Friday, January 14th at 8pm and are second. You can make reservations at 479-PLAY, make them early, FronteraFest tends to sell out.
It\’s a comedy of what happens when two friends (stupid tourists) venture into Old World Asia (middle of nowhere) through the sunny (hot), tropical (rainy) jungle (snake-infested trees) on a quest for the finest (sub-standard) local cuisine (woof!). The only question… do you still leave a tip if the waiter commits seppuku? Featuring Travis Holmes, Julie Winston-Thomas and Tiffany Taylor, and directed by Timothy Thomas. Originally appeared as a Staged Reading at Spawn Of Slapdash in July 2004. Come out and see it as a fully realized scene!