[link:LGT.Shows.Copyright Denied|Copyright Denied] opens September 17th

[image:LGT.Shows.Copyright Denied.Copyright Police Logo] Copyright Denied – Loaded Gun Theory\’s new play
by Timothy Thomas takes place in our future, just after corporations
finally succeed in
owning everything. Hillary finishes each novel only to find that her
stories have been written, sold, and brought to market by someone else.
When the Copyright Police confiscate her latest manuscript, Hillary
discovers that her political thriller may be more fact than fiction.
But will her heroine follow the plotted course, or deviate for that
killer ending Hillary truly wants? Have the encounters with corporate
drones, crazy reporters and political conspiracies finally pushed
to the brink of insanity, or is she the only one who can see the truth?

your calendar for [link:LGT.Shows.Copyright Denied|Copyright Denied]
September 17th – 19th and 23rd – 26th. Sunday shows are at 2pm, all
other shows are at 8pm. Tickets are 10 dollars.
[link:LGT.Reservations|Reservations] are being accepted.