What a Saturday

Well, the hard part of Saturday is drawing to a close. Today Stella woke me up before 8am. I decided not to actually get her out of bed until 8:00. Because I’m mean like that. I got her up. Gave her some cereal and banana and we went running for 6 miles. We went down Dittmar almost to Congress, looped through the neighborhoods, came back up William Cannon, turned right on Manchaca, and zipped on home.

After Julie got up we started work on the bathrooms. We finally got rid of that horrible lavendar in our bathroom. I’m happy Julie got a bathroom that color (apparently something she’s always wanted). I on the other hand, hated it. The rooms seems bigger now. But it took us priming it and then repainting. It was a ton of work. I ended up doing a lot of the painting, because I get involved in a job and just don’t stop. Julie and I have been switching off. She does the low stuff, and I does the high stuff. Today there wasn’t much low stuff, so she cut in the low stuff, I cut in the high stuff, and then I rolled everything.

In between we took turns watching Stella. Today’s theme has been standing. She’s been standing up on her own a lot. For decent periods of time. It’s pretty cool. Now she’s crying randomly. Which is not cool. But it’s the witching hour. And she’s been zooming today. I wouldn’t be suprised if she passes out before 8.

I don’t know what we’re doing tonight. We’ll see I guess. We’ve got some birthday beer from Bill that I haven’t tasted yet. Maybe we’ll tuck into that. I know my life is fascinating.

I didn’t have a sidetrack today. So here’s a bonus one.


Have you looked at this website in firefox? You really should. It looks so much better. It’s worth the time.