biting nails

We decided to put in an offer on a wonderful modern house in South-East Austin last night. Turns out we’re in a multiple offer situation and we just had to submit some crazy high numbers in the hope that we’ll get

arghhhh…. need sleep!

As you know yesterday was the switch into Daylight Savings Time. One of many of our ridiculous concessions to farm staters (who apparently need light to work in the morning, but not at night). Theoretically this means I have a week or two of reduced danger for running into trees on my morning jogs. Which I haven’t run in a week. Because I haven’t slept.

Stella decided last week that she would like to get up at 7:00am rather than 7:30. I’m not cool with that in general. But with Daylight Savings that would mean should would be getting up at 6:00am. If she woke up at 6:30am I would just take her running with me. But 6:00? No sir.

With that in mind we spent all day yesterday engaged in Project: “Keep Stella Awake”. We went to the mall during her nap time. At the mall she proceeded to run around stores for about 2 hours straight. Really. Considering that previously the longest she’s run is about ten feet, this was pretty shocking. We lapped Express about 20 or 30 times in the time it took Julie to try on 3 pairs of jeans, and we lapped Macy’s three times. Any time she tired Stella sat down on the base of a clothing rack and patted next to her for me to sit down. She doesn’t quite grasp yet that I can’t sit under the clothing.

We eventually got home. Had many meltdowns. Had many more meltdowns. Baba and Grandaddy came home and gave Stella a bath and put her to bed at 8. Which meant that Stella stayed up an extra hour and didn’t have a nap. We were successful at keeping Stella awake.

Then at 12:30 last night Julie woke up with severe stomach pain. Which meant no sleep until 1:30am when I ended up taking out a bag to the trash and finally getting back to sleep.

Stella slept until 7:20 this morning. So mission successful.

But I still want some sleep.

take your child to the theater!

We took Stella to see Second Youth Family Theater’s production of “Wiley and the Hairy Man”. We were a bit nervous because we weren’t sure how Stella would react to an hour long show. Everything in our culture seems to point to kids not having the attention span for this sort of thing. But she loved it. And it was probably directed at elementary school kids so were impressed. She got antsy occasionally when all they were doing onstage was talking, but mostly she was mostly engaged.

We’re ecstatic. We can’t wait to take her to see “The Toys Take Over Christmas” this year.

I’d highly recommend taking kids to the theatre. They love it and it’s something the whole family can get out and do together. Which is really nice.

I’m not looking forward to when Stella can recognize that the Daugherty Arts Center is right next to the new Town Lake Park that has all of the cool water jets, however.

Post Every Day

I’m going to try to do that thing where I post every day. I can’t remember what it’s called. But I’m going to try it. Oh and buy tickets to Little Murders.

So yesterday I went out to lunch at Koriente. It’s Korean health food. Tasty stuff. I had garden hand rolls, which came with a dollop of wasabi. So, I got a little up my nose, and tearing up a bit, and this co-worker mentions that he ate suck a large clump once that he got a headache.

I was dubious. So I ate a decent sized piece. Then I ate about a half-teaspoon at once. No headache. But I did get some nice heartburn for a couple hours.

At Bill and Ian’s halloween party last weekend I was swallowing matches. Well, I was lighting them, and putting them in my mouth to extinguish them. You finish the trick by blowing out an enormous amount of smoke that the match has left in your mouth. It’s really poetic.

But this got me thinking about men and stupid stuff. Like why do we do it? With the wasabi my coworkers mentioned that they would have paid me to eat it as a dare, but I’d already eaten it. You often see this written off as competitive, but I’m not competitive. I just have this intense drive to see what will happen if I do things that other people find ridiculous or foolish. Some sort of perverted version of the scientific method I guess.

little murders!

Little murders opens tomorrow! Help spread the love with your own, extra special blog button. I whipped this one up to put on your blog:

buy tickets for little murders

Here’s the code:

    alt="buy tickets for little murders" />

If you figure out a way to put it in another blog (like WordPress, Blogger, whatnot), let me know and I’ll update this entry to contain your coding wizardry. You’ll be a coding star!

For those not in the know, Loaded Gun Theory (my production company) is producing Jules Feiffer’s Little Murders at Arts on Real. Jules Feiffer is a celebrated cartoonist, his work has appeared in The New Yorker and Playboy, and he illustrated “The Phantom Tollbooth” (my personal introduction to his work). He’s also a great playwright. Little Murders is set in a world that looks like the latter half of the twentieth century, except crime has skyrocketed and random snipers have been killing people in the streets. A family tried to sort through the day to day life of meeting a fiance and playing a wedding, all while dodging the incoming bullets. Great fun. Head on over and see it. All the pertinent information is here.

latest republican ploy

Millions of Chinese-made toys have been recalled in recent months. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, this week urged the commission’s head, Nancy Nord, to resign.

Pelosi said Nord has failed to see the gravity of the situation and continues to oppose Democratic efforts to double her agency’s dollars and give it more authority. Nord said she has no intention of resigning.

So they’re trying to make our child stupid through lead poisoning so that they’ll vote Republican. Priming the next generation. It all makes sense.

Seriously though. WTF is wrong with our government that no agency ever wants more money, but they all complain that they can’t get their work done.

Word Power

Every day I see “Word Power” etched into the concrete at the corner of 7th and Brazos. And “Miss Teen Wordpower” gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

of whining and judging

So this article from CNN is much more what I would expect from a disaster. Plucky survivors who’ve lost everything, but are determined to soldier on and rebuild their lives. It’s the kind of story that actually makes you want to go help people.

But it got me thinking about why that story bugged me so much in the first place. I think it’s because I’m at a position now in my career (career? I’m old.) where the jobs pay really well. And it all seems so easy. And it’s what we all supposedly dream of. And I’m definitely not complaining about the fact that Stella going to the hospital twice in one night did not have much of an impact on our finances. Because there are a lot of people for whom that is not the case.

But the money and the point in your career also traps you. When you make $30,000 a year life isn’t that hot. You don’t have money for a lot of things you’d like to do. If your dog gets sick you might not eat for a month. But you also can just switch jobs, and careers. Because there are lots of jobs available that pay that much. And people are more likely to give you a chance. But double that, and there are fewer jobs. And they really expect you to know what you’re doing. Double that and they expect you to be an expert and there are even fewer jobs. And it keeps going. The higher up you go, the more insulated you are from life’s twists and turns. But you get soft and the easy stuff starts seeming really hard.

And we’re human beings and we like to complain. We probably should have been called homo whinicus. And sometimes it’s hard to remember that when life is not what we want. Because life is often not what we want. I definitely would be upset and whiny if my 6500 square foot house was potentially on fire. And I would need to be reminded that there are trailer homes burning down. And there are people without insurance. And yet that still doesn’t make my personal situation any easier. We are so self-centered.

I’d like to have some sort of homily here. So many people whose blogs I read tie things up in such beautiful ways. But I’ve got nothing. We need to be sympathized with when we perceive our life is rough. And then we need someone to point out that other people have it much worse and we’re being an ass. And then we need to be sympathized with again. We are very complicated beings.

Lucy Miyagi

Julie and I were out sitting on the back porch tonight drinking wine. Lucy and Roxie were milling about, and for some reason there were a lot of flies and moths out. Julie commented on a particularly plump fly. We speculated as to whether it was a fly or a bee, then suddenly, WHUMP Lucy jumped up out of the blue. “I think she just ate the fly,” Julie exclaimed. We looked. Nope, she hadn’t eaten the fly, merely winged it. We put it out of its misery. But that is one badass dog. How many dogs you know of that catch flies?