I have an idea.

Was reading the history of CapMetro on their site. And came across this:

Some of the original member jurisdictions have since voted to withdraw from Capital Metro and deny bus service to their area. These include West Lake Hills, Rollingwood, Cedar Park and Pflugerville.

I’d always assumed that CapMetro just hadn’t expanded there fully. But if that’s the way they want to play I think we should withdraw from letting them drive on our roads. I also like the fact that we provide park and ride service to cities that don’t even pay for it.

So basically Northerners and Westerners clog up our roads (that they don’t pay for), get bus service into downtown (that they don’t pay for), on coaches that are far nicer than normal Cap Metro buses (that they don’t pay for), with free WiFi (that they don’t pay for). No wonder a house in Austin costs twice what a house in Plugerville does. We’re essentially buying half their house for them.