Second Floor

We have a second floor! We really weren’t expecting anything since it rained all yesterday morning, but last night on the bus ride home I noticed a wooden framework peeking out from behind two houses where one wasn’t before. I piled the entire family (including Baba and Grandaddy) into the car and we trekked over there.

It’s looking great. They obviously were a little rushed yesterday. The back wall wasn’t up, and some of the interior was missing, but our roof had been delivered so it looks like they’re going to get caught up quickly. The view out of the window in Stella’s room that has the window seat is amazing. It looks directly out on 3 trees and across the street at a giant oak. I can’t wait to curl up with her there with a book. The master bedroom is going to have some nice tree views too.

We went across the street to walk through a version of our house that’s further along. Julie concedes that the master closet might be big enough. We’ve been sharing a closet at my parent’s house that is a third of the size in our new house and we haven’t killed each other yet, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

On to other stuff. Stella reads constantly. This morning while I was in the shower she read a book the entire time. She loudly narrates the story to herself. I don’t know what it’s about, but she keeps herself well entertained let me tell you.

This weekend we went on a 5 mile loop of the hike and bike trail with Baba and Granddaddy while Julie had a theater meeting. Afterwards we headed to McDonalds for Stella’s first Happy Meal. I don’t think she was that impressed. On the up side McDonald’s has probably the most nutritious kids meal on the planet. You can get 4 chicken nuggets, apples and milk. Compare that to most of the places around town like Magnolia and Kerbey where you get a choice between Grilled Cheese, a hamburger, or pasta.