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Lefties Only

First off. You’ve got to go look at the pictures. I’ll wait.

Yes indeed. For only (only!) $150 you can buy the left hand side of a couch. Minus a cushion. Only $150! And it’s brand new, never used!

Maybe this makes sense. Maybe they’re trying to prey on left handed people. They know that left handed people aren’t as smart as the rest of us, and are easy to distract with promises of left-handed scissors and seats at the edge of the table.

It’s just disgusting that someone would try to take advantage of them.

No Child Left Behind, Indeed

Today’s find:

i’m moving out of my apartment and for my graduation my parents have already bought me furnitures for the new apartment. i have slashed the prices for quick sell. I have to get rid of the furnitures by friday or i will give it for donation.

To all of my siblings and friends who are teachers – things could be worse. You could be college profs and still have students like this.

Too Lazy for a Cat

This Craiglist ad brings up many questions:

The color is aquamarine. These are considered “his and her” recliner/rockers, so one is slightly smaller than the other.

There are some pulls and scratches on the front panel, but otherwise in good shape. Non smoking household, but we used to have a cat (months ago), hence the scratches.

While I have some questions about what happens if you and your rocker mate are the same size, I’m really only interested in the cat. What happened to the cat. Why did you have it a few months ago, and where did it go?