Losing Our Bus

So, we found out yesterday that the most convenient bus to me is planned to go away. I can’t say I’m surprised. It goes to a couple industrial parks South of me, tools through my neighborhood, heads downtown and ends up in Enfield. It’s a nice route to have if you need it, but it’s hardly transporting a lot of people. I am sad though, because it’s part of why I was excited about our house. It’s a <20 minute trip downtown on the #9. We're also losing the #328 which went from our area to Barton Creek mall.

It doesn’t look like anyone in my neighborhood is interested in fighting it though.

But there are some interesting positives. The number 30 is going to terminate at the South Congress transit center near my house, and go by Central Market, Barton Creek Mall, and Zilker Park. Which is a pretty nice route. The transit center is probably a 20 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride from my house.

We are getting the number 300 Govalle route going by the West side of Mabel Davis park. While it’s a bit of a walk to get over there, that route goes by the HEB on Riverside, the MetroRail station (which might be useful if my company moves where they’re hinting at), GACA offices and the Blue Theater. So a pretty cool route. I’d thought about taking the 300 before, but it was always a transfer or 1 mile walk. Now it should be a quarter mile walk.

Still a bit sad about the #9. Maybe we’ll get a new route down Burleson when the Pleasant Valley extension to Todd Lane gets built.