Please don’t vote the bums out!

In the US we like to “vote the bums out” every 4 years or so. It’s amazing how frequently we’ve done this in our history. Yet if you look at history we’ve gotten nothing for our effort.

This year I encourage you to try something different. Vote for the party in power. Give them an overwhelming majority. I think the best way to create real change is to strangle the Republican party off completely. The reason that Democrats have trouble reaching consensus is that they represent pretty much every reasonable adult in our nation. They’ve got fiscal conservatives, labor unions, most of the LBGT community, and most importantly the majority of US citizens vote for Democrats. Sure the electoral college and Senate give the appearance that there are a lot of people voting Republican, but it simply isn’t true.

I’m not saying the Democrats are deserving of your vote because they have all the answers. I think they’re deserving of your vote because they will be good stewards of your vote until the Republican party is choked off completely. Once Democrats get 60-70% of the vote almost all corporate funding will go either to Democrats, or to the best third party. Suddenly the Republican party will start having to compete with the Libertarians, Greens, and who knows whom else for cash and ideas. Votes that prove you follow through with your beliefs will again become important. Once this ecosystem emerges the Democrats unnatural majority will instantly evaporate as voters move towards viable third parties that more accurately reflect their views. Hopefully this could be done within just one or two election cycles.

So don’t vote the bums out this year, vote them in! Spread the word and vote for real change.