best picture – really?

Julie and I watched “No Country for Old Men” last night. And we were underwhelmed. To say the least.

Did we just not get it?

I mean, you have a pure-evil bad guy. No nuance. No suspense since you know he’s going to kill everyone. You have a sort-of main character, and then you have Tommy Lee-Jones’ cop whose character is distinguished mainly by the fact that he is NOT investigating crimes. And chatting a lot.

And the biggest death of the movie? Happens offscreen. Not like, “You shouldn’t have to watch this violence” offscreen. But like, “we didn’t shoot that scene offscreen”.

Our friend Josh Meyer was great in it though. It was one of the few scenes where the actors finished their scene. It didn’t feel like the director just eventually said, “Ok, um… I guess we’re done staring at the scenery. Time to move the camera now.”

We were wondering if perhaps it was funny if you weren’t used to Texas accents and Tommy Lee Jones, ala Fargo.

We didn’t get it. Which shocked us. Because we both really thought we were going to like it. A lot.