Foods to avoid.

So the spaghetti I made earlier this week is out. It is a mess. I stripped Stella down to eat it last night. She was just in her diaper. Which she promptly unfastened. Because that is what she does. And it’s comedy gold. Toddlers think it’s really funny to undo their diapers. That’s why you make them wear pants.

So she at the spaghetti. It was a complete mess, and she’d tucked quite a bit into her diaper, so I took her upstairs for her bath completely naked leaving her diaper in the high chair. Once I got Stella bathed and in bed (and the bathtub cleaned out), I went back downstairs. Only to discover that the diaper was no longer in the high chair, and Lucy was under the couch. Looking oh, so very ashamed. I found the diaper proper on the back door mat. Apparently, even dogs are not that into spaghetti flavored urine. The diaper cover was under the couch. Licked clean. Oh the shame Lucy! The shame!