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Irony 101

Just got an email from the Family Research Council (because I like to know what the wackos are up to), and they lead off with this line:

President Bush has courageously sent a letter to both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) vowing to veto any legislation that would force U.S. taxpayers to fund the destruction of human life.

I guess that’s why he vetoed the Defense Spending Bill.

(And just in case you think I’m being unfair, they add the following line at the end of the email “U.S. taxpayers should not be forced to fund the killing of human beings.” Their words. Not mine.)

Need to see a man…

about a bike. I got some cash for my birthday and I want to get a bike. I’d prefer to pay less than $100 so I could buy one of those fancy bicycle trailers to tow Stella and groceries around in. Used would be cool, because goodness knows there are a lot of underused bikes out there for sale on craigslist. Anyone have any ideas of what type of bike I should buy?

Fun Weekend

First off, I’m really excited that Julie has expressed interest in my goofball widgets. I have no clue why I seek validation through coding. Anyway, I’ve created a page with how to put them on your website.

I had a pretty good weekend. I got to play pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday with Stella. Julie had a big honking birthday party for me on Saturday and I got completely soused and received great presents and a Oreo cookie cake. One of my gifts from Ashley and Tarv was a gift certificate to iTunes. Which rocks. I heard they supposedly have DRM free tracks now. Does anyone know how I’d find them? iTunes DRM doesn’t work particularly well with linux. I can always do the whole burn to CD, and then rerip route, but that’s kinda lame, and I want to support a DRM free iTunes.

Stella’s gotten big and silly. She makes all kinds of adult faces now. Plus she’s getting really good at communicating just by pointing. My favor face is when she’s clearly up to mischief and daring you to do something about it.

Ah well, back to the grind. And the repainting of the house so that we can sell it.

New Look?

So what do you think of the new look? I think it’s kind of bland, but it’s pretty easy to read. I’ve also added the Netflix widget over there on the left, so you can see what we’re watching. And comment on it and stuff… I also added twitter. Which I initially thought was completely stupid, but now I think is kind of interesting and indearing. So think about signing up for an account at and adding me as a friend. Maybe we’ll figure out the point of it together.

Yesterday was a bit dreary, and Julie wasn’t having a great day so we decided to break our eating out rule and go out to lunch together. We ended up at Sandy’s, which was awesome. We both had burgers and fries, and then we had chocolate dipped cones. And the chocolate was totally that plasticy tasting chocolate. It was brilliant. The rest of the day was kind of blah. I ended up running over to Garrison with Stella, and by the time I got back it was about 8:10. So I fed her and had to put her directly to bed without a bath. That was her third day running without a bath so I had to promise Julie I’d give her one this morning. Ok, I didn’t have to promise her. I just felt guilty and did so.

This morning Stella woke us up crying randomly at 6. I worked my sleep-fu on her and sent her back to the land of dreams. Of course it monkeyed with my sleep schedule, and I’d had a bit of a headache all night. Probably dehydration from the run. I wasn’t feeling great this morning so I decided to work from home. Which was great. I got to spend a lot of time playing with Stella, and we had a really fun day. Let me just interject that I really like kids. And I really don’t like babies. Babies are boring. Kids rock. They’re smart and stuff. Babies are dumb. Down with babies! Up with kids who do wacky fun things!

Anyway, I ended up doing some work, I added that twitter capsule up in the top right, and then we went to Home Depot and Kohls. Wherein I decided that I hate shopping for mens clothing. It’s all 100% cotton and right now everything looks like they bought their stock from goodwill. It has a slightly used feeling to it, and everything’s faded. And I’m not talking about the distressed look. I’m talking about golf and polo shirts that just look like they’ve been washed too many times.

So my 30th birthday is tomorrow, and I’ve already gotten some cool presents. I got Jacque Pepin’s Complete Techniques and 7th Generations guide to natural cleaning. I’m sure I’ll get into the cleaning book, and I do really want to read it, but Jacque is so amazing that I’m completely in awe. I already used one of his knife techniques to do a fantastic dice of some mushrooms last night. And he’s got everything in there. From making chicken stock, to hollendaise, to fashioning a rabbit out of an olive. And it has pictures. Truly amazing. Then we’ll use the seventh generation book to clea

Anyway, got to actually eat dinner. It was ready about 5 minutes ago, and I’m just letting it get cool on the stove while I write this.

Oh, if you want to use the Netflix or Twitter widgets on your own website let me know and I’ll get you the code.


A meme from Travis. Btw, part of Julie’s problem with meme is related to her name for Stella’s maternal grandmother. She calls her MeMe. Which is pronounced Me Me. We went to Fredericksberg, though and they had shirts for what I consider the proper spelling of that pronunciation – MiMi. So um… no point there. Just rambling.

Magazines I have subscribed to:

3-2-1 Contact Magazine – That one rocked when I was a kid. I dunno who’s subscription it was, but we all read it. I especially liked the episode and magazine article on how they did the makeup for the Thriller video.

National Geographic – Ah, the memories.

Smithsonian – We always had this vaguely interesting magazine around if you were bored.

Boy’s Life – Much like Travis I also got Boy’s Life. I really didn’t find the magazine that interesting, but I loved the ads in the back for secret decoder rings and wood burning kits. Also it had lots of good jokes.

Wired – I had Wired magazine back when all this computer stuff was new. It was awesome. Except that all the articles are the length of short novellas.

Gourmet – Julie’s been getting a subscription to this since we got married. I love it. Each month I go through and dog-ear and rip out recipies. The number one source of recipes� for what I cook.

Spin – technically Julie’s subscription, but I read it because it’s there. You know technically the only subscription I have is that damn Smithsonian magazine. How lame. I love Spin.

Rolling Stone – Julie got this free. It sucks. I especially hate their political coverage. They are left wing jack’n’apes. It’s like reading the left leaning version of the emails I get from the Family Research Council (motto: “We can make roads a religious issue).

I got many other science magazines throughout my life. I’ve forgotten their names though.

I tag you. You reading this. Write your own!


I am watching the immigrants rally outside my office window. Listening to Devotchka. No matter how cynical I can be, this is a wonderful country.

I don’t know if I’m going to make my bus though.

Now they’re chanting U-S-A and I’m trying not to cry.

I need to leave to catch my bus, but I’m afraid if I go down to the street I’ll just sob like a baby.

I wrote this awesome post…

but it got eaten. This forced me to fix some really old buggy code with how logging in works around here. But I still lost the damn post. So quick recap:

new kitchen

this is the kitchen in our new house. Well it’s what our kitchen will look like. Sort-of. This is the half-constructed model. Our house is the other way around, and hopefully when we move in will look more like a kitchen. But bsaically the same. The sink is under that window. The fridge is behind my back and the oven is to my right. Where you see that vent coming through the wall. So not a lot of counter space. I’m going to get an island from ikea, but still not a lot. We’ll see how it works at thanksgiving. On the upside we’ll be able to have a ten seater table, so no more riding a table leg during thanksgiving dinner. I think that trade off will be ok. Julie is still fretting about the size of our bedroom ala Albert Brooks in Lost in America. Oh hey, look, if you have Netflix play you can just watch that movie. And find out what I’m talking about. It’s in the first 10 minutes or so if you don’t want to commit to it. Which you should. Just click that big ol’ Play button if it shows up. I love that feature. But they need more movies.

But anyway. I think we’ll have enough space. Even if Stella’s bedroom is larger than ours. By something like 40 square feet. The architect screwed up.

On to my next topic. Snakes. Specifically in our yard:


Hooray for native plants encouraging increased biodiversity. I do feel like I’m saving the world, thank you very much. And my grass looks like a soft wolly bed.

Finally. Yuck:

stuffed shell?

I made stuffed shells Sunday. Stella ate them for dinner Monday night. She has sophisticated tastes. The feta, prosciutto, and parmesian reggiano did not phase her a bit. She liked it so much she tucked quite a bit in her hair for later. This picture still makes my skin crawl. I had to take her upstairs immediately after dinner, strip her down and bathe her. I have no clue why I can’t handle this sort of thing. Oh well, it’s cute.

So that’s my post. Much abbreviated. This better go through…