Configuring a Wireless HP Printer without WPS

So newer routers don’t have WPS. This can be a problem if you have an older printer that connects to your network via Wireless. Here’s how I got my P1102w working.

  • First I reset the internet settings. This involves turrning off the printer. Holding down the wireless and cancel button and then powering on the printer. Once it’s done making noise you can release the buttons.
  • Next I printed a wireless information page. I held down the cancel button until 2 pages printed.
  • Then I connected to the printer’s device network on my Mac. The self-test page has a field Network Name (SSID). A network with that name was listed on my wireless menu under Device Networks. Note that while connected you won’t have normal internet access.
  • I then looked at the Host Name on that self-test page. Mine was NPI79343D. So I opened a web browser and visited:
  • I clicked on the Networking tab. Clicked on Wireless to the left.
  • I changed the network type to Infrastructure
  • Changed the Network Name to my home network
  • Changed the Security Mode to WPA/WPA2 and then entered my password.
  • I then hit Apply and got a blank white page. That’s good. It meant it had stopped using the device network and moved to the main one.

And that’s it. My printer is now discoverable and working again.