In which I learn something from Football

Running is very pleasurable for me. Except that is, when I arrive at a corner. Being tall and not particularly light I tend to have a lot of momentum going. So I approach a corner and begin almost backpedaling. Then I do a sort of skip-step to start going in another direction, and then I have to get back up to speed, which expends a lot of energy. Running on city streets corners aren’t that easy to avoid.

I didn’t really realize how much energy this was taking until the one and only time I’ve fallen running. I tripped over some uneven pavement and I swear it took at least 30 seconds to actually hit the ground as my body flailed horizontally through space and I was painfully aware how slowly I was approaching the ground. I had a lot of time to think and not manage to right myself. You have to have a massive amount of momentum to avoid gravity for 30 seconds.

So, I occasionally watch football games and I’d noticed how a lot of quarterbacks run with the ball in one hand and their other arm stretched down or straight out to the side. It looks like they’re doing it to be cool, but it turns out that makes it really easy to change direction.

So now I approach corners full blast. Put my inside arm straight down or a little bit out and can sail around the corner at full tilt.

Thanks Football!