East Side King

Just wanted to quickly mention that we went to East Side King this past weekend. It’s kind of weird. You have to go to the Liberty bar to go to the restaurant.

So we went in and bought some drinks. First off we were shocked by their bartender. He was really nice and conversational. It’s a bit sad that seems shocking, but it was. They only have something like 5 taps, but their boring beers are Stella Artois and Negro Modello. And their bottled beer selection looks amazing. We got some Left Hand Wheat Beer and headed outside. It’s not a particularly hipster bar despite being in the hipster part of town. Most of the people looked like tech workers coming out for a beer after work.

East Side King is a trailer that they open up gates to. Basically it’s like an outside bar for the place. Except it serves food instead of beer. And the food…

Julie had “Thai Chicken Karaage” and I had “Poor Qui