A meme from Travis. Btw, part of Julie’s problem with meme is related to her name for Stella’s maternal grandmother. She calls her MeMe. Which is pronounced Me Me. We went to Fredericksberg, though and they had shirts for what I consider the proper spelling of that pronunciation – MiMi. So um… no point there. Just rambling.

Magazines I have subscribed to:

3-2-1 Contact Magazine – That one rocked when I was a kid. I dunno who’s subscription it was, but we all read it. I especially liked the episode and magazine article on how they did the makeup for the Thriller video.

National Geographic – Ah, the memories.

Smithsonian – We always had this vaguely interesting magazine around if you were bored.

Boy’s Life – Much like Travis I also got Boy’s Life. I really didn’t find the magazine that interesting, but I loved the ads in the back for secret decoder rings and wood burning kits. Also it had lots of good jokes.

Wired – I had Wired magazine back when all this computer stuff was new. It was awesome. Except that all the articles are the length of short novellas.

Gourmet – Julie’s been getting a subscription to this since we got married. I love it. Each month I go through and dog-ear and rip out recipies. The number one source of recipes� for what I cook.

Spin – technically Julie’s subscription, but I read it because it’s there. You know technically the only subscription I have is that damn Smithsonian magazine. How lame. I love Spin.

Rolling Stone – Julie got this free. It sucks. I especially hate their political coverage. They are left wing jack’n’apes. It’s like reading the left leaning version of the emails I get from the Family Research Council (motto: “We can make roads a religious issue).

I got many other science magazines throughout my life. I’ve forgotten their names though.

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