Closer to the Reality of a New Kitchen

Not really.  Although we’re only about a quarter to a third of the way to saving the money needed for it.  We did get to go to IKEA without kids yesterday and cement some ideas and make some for sure decisions.  The kitchen below really inspired us.  We like the barely there handles, and we liked the wall to the left around the cooktop that was completely devoid of cabinets.  We’d like to do a cool tile mural or pattern there.  We also finally decided that the horizontal cabinets are impractical and we will give up the dream of using them, instead using these tall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

This kitchen also had the grey countertops/white cabinet combo we’ve been leaning towards.  I think we’d both like a grey with a little more pizazz, but this confirms that grey will work nicely.  We plan to add color via the tile backsplash and accessories.

Tim also liked the idea of having two banks of drawers serving as the island like they have in this kitchen.  But I’m concerned it might be a little large for our space.  I don’t want to lose the breakfast room to make room for an island!

I do think that the trip yesterday had the desired effect on both of us of making us re-energized about being frugal and continuing to do all the things we’re doing to save money to get this kitchen done.

Kitchen, you and your nasty stained countertops, lack of storage cabinets, and doors that won’t close are on notice!

I’m back

Apparently I’m back on the blogs because Tim made this happen.  Not sure how long it will last, or who will read this, but it is what it is.


We are going to get you a shiny spankin’ new carseat on Saturday.

Rent: All a Pack of Lies

note: i tried to break this into paragraphs to make it easier to read, but it’s not working. i asked the web master about it and he “had no clue” why it wasn’t working. thanks;)
So I have been listening to the Rent soundtrack lately for the first time in about 8 years or so. Stella sometimes has her “witching hour” late in the day before Tim arrives home and sometimes the only thing that keeps her entertained is me putting her in the sling and singing and dancing around the living room. This is not to say that she’s happy, just no longer crying. And the girl seems to really love musicals, although, to be honest, I also find them more fun to perform than regular old rock n’ roll. So we pulled out the Rent soundtrack Wednesday and now, of course, I have all the songs on constant repeat in my head. And I am realizing that 1) the characters in Rent are really whiny, 2) they really don’t have any talents, and 3) they are hypocrites.
1) Evidence they are really whiny: well, just listen to the lyrics, “how do you start a fire when there’s nothing to burn and it feels like something’s stuck in your flue.? How do you generate heat when you can’t feel your feet and they’re turning blue?” So they are supposedly concerned about the homeless people living in the tenement city down the block, but yet the Renters, who actually have a semblance of shelter, are whining about their feet freezing off. Have you guys heard of blankets? Coats? Space Heaters? (I realize their electricity has been turned off, but come on, couldn’t they use battery-powered ones or a hot plate or something?)
2) Evidence that they have no talents: once again, let’s turn to the songs. In “Santa Fe”, Collins says that Angel could “make the menu sparkle with rhyme” and that he would “chat not about Harbinger (or something like that) but wine.” So they are going to open a restaurant and no one can cook? Good luck with that one, Bohemians! Again, referencing Angel’s talents, in “La Vie Boheme”: “And, on the ten gallon pickel tub, Ms. Angel….” I realized that all this person can play is a plastic tub like it’s a drum. Lame-o! And Mark is a “documentarian” with tons of expensive equipment. Uh, hello, want to get out of that freezing quandry? Sell your fancy gear. And how did you pay for this gear in the first place, anyway? My guess, Mommy and Daddy, who he so rudely ignores. How dare they call on Christmas Eve! So what does Mr. Talented film? His friends. Yep, his roommate trying to tune his guitar, his ex-girlfriend doing horrible performance art, etc. What was it with the early 90’s and filming your friends and then calling it a documentary (also see Lelaina, Winona Ryder’s character, in “Reality Bites”)? What did they teach at film school back then anyway? And a sidenote: Collins is a TEACHER! 1) how does this qualify as a “Bohemian talent” and 2) doesn’t he make money from doing this? He teaches at a college, for Pete’s sake! I’m not saying he’s rich, but come on, he could afford to help his friends buy a battery-powered space heater or a tasty beverage now and then (see Mark’s declaration that he couldn’t pay for a tea at the High Life Cafe in “La Vie Boheme”)
3) Evidence of hypocrisy: Roger wants to write one song that will bring glory, aka money and fame. And you bet your boots that Mark is filming his documentaries in hopes of selling them and making the big time. None of these people are doing their art to stay poor. And another thing, can’t they have day jobs? Does Mark really NEED to spend all day long filming his friends? Maybe he could film his coworkers. Do not one of these, other than Mimi the exotic dancer who doesn’t take her clothes off, have any skills?

Perhaps I’m just bitter because as a teen I planned to starve on the streets of New York to make it, then took a detour and decided I liked heat and food better. I actually told my parents, “I’m going to go to New York to be on Broadway. I don’t care if I have to eat out of a dumpster like Madonna to make it. I think film is trash, Theatre is the real art.” I could have been in Rent, I was such an asshole. Of course, I still agree with the last statement. In fact, my theatre teacher in high school had a t-shirt: “Theatre is Life, Film is Art, Television is furniture.” Cute, huh?
Oh, well, that’s enough diatribe for a Friday morning. Besides, I’m a hypocrite. In the time it took me to write this bitch-fest, I could have gotten started on the play I am supposed to have finished by January. Ha!

Bizarre audience

I had a most bizarre experience last night.

Brandon issues a challenge

So Brandon issued a challenge to Erin and I:  complete a first draft of a full-length play by the end of 2006.  Woah.  He basically called us out on the fact that we just write these little 15 minute scenes every 2 years for Slapdash and we need to be doing it all the time.  So he, Erin and I have committed to having plays finished by 1/7/07, when we will gather those we trust and have a reading.  I’m excited because it’s something that’s been needing to happen, but also scared to death.  What will I write about?  How will I sustain something past about 20 pages?  That’s the longest thing I’ve written since, gulp, college.  Damn!  But it has to be done.  It will take discipline and more time spent writing scenes than writing and reading blogs and all the other crap I fill my time with.  Wish me luck. 

SDFF 3, Biggest Success to Date!

So Slapdash 3 is over and it was a HUGE success!  We nearly sold out Arts on Real and the audience gave us much love.  When I walked out to deliver the curtain speech, a roar of excitement went up from the crowd that brought tears to my eyes.  It felt wonderful to finally have Slapdash get the attention it deserved.  This was due in no small part to Tim’s tireless efforts to get out the word through publicity, especially since they left us out of the Chronicle AND ACOT, and our actors making sure their friends showed up and supported them.

On to my experience of Slapdash.  The sacred circle rocked this year.  We had Brandon, Paul, Tim, Erin, me, plus Skipper, who was an absolutely awesome addition to the circle.  I think we all really enjoyed the process, and having Brandon back was just icing on the cake.  The only thing missing was Travis, but hopefully he’ll come back next year!  Sacred Circle rocks!  As usual, my assigned opening line really started the wheels turning.  My first line was from Paul and was, “Those legs have been together longer than the Smothers Brothers!”, which instantly made me start thinking of an old-time vaudevillian.  My ending line (which I wrote, of course), was “Watch out for that heavy-“, which, within the vaudevillian idea, made me think of something falling from the rafters.  To create drama, I decided the something falling from the rafters had to be purposely dropped to kill someone.  I had a cast of 2 women and one men, which led me to think that the 2 women had an act and were managed by the man.  Making the women twin sisters I thought would create a bit of humor because I was almost guaranteed that my two actresses would look nothing alike.  Hey folks, you gotta’ look for the funnies where you can find them!  My first thought was that the sister who tried to kill the other sister wound up getting killed herself, but where does the guy come in?  Oh, I should mention at this point that I never plot any of this stuff out before I begin writing.  I just start typing and the plot details develop and change as I go along.  I was helped out by the fact that I had to pump at about 11:45, which gave me 15 minutes to really think about my script.  I came out with 4 ounces of milk and my entire plot.  Two sisters love the same man, their manager.  They both separately tell their man about the plot they each concocted to kill their sister.  They wind up accidentally killing their man.  Along the way they banter in that sharp-witted way that I’ve loved in classic movies since I was a child.  I mean, hopefully it was sharp-witted:)  It was an idea that really could only sustain 10 pages. I kept going back over the script after it was finished to fine tune and punch stuff up, but I certainly couldn’t add anymore.  I was a bit jealous of the folks who came out with 15 pages and had to chip away.  But I started out fighting the scene because it wasn’t what I “wanted” to write.  Luckily, Erin reminded me there’s no time to fight it when you have to finish a script in just a few hours, and I kept going.  I was really happy with my finished product, then I got even luckier and had Brandon direct it and Travis, Mariana and Emily in the scene.  They really picked up that scene and ran with it.  They were incredible!  I watched them completely getting it, and taking the characters in directions I hadn’t even thought of, and thinking “This is the same thing I wrote last night?  No way!”

I only wrote this year and did box because of Stella, but I loved it, what fun!  All the scenes were fantastic, it was just a huge high, I can’t wait for next year!

I Am So Excited!

We have 26 reservations for Saturday night!!!!  That’s like a new record, especially for Slapdash.  So keep them coming, you’re going to love it, I promise!  I can’t wait to see what crap my brain will come up with tomorrow night.  I can almost guarantee it will be bizarre and probably involve a lot of really trashy humor, because that’s what I love!

My New Blog

I set up a new blog at  It will focus heavily on Stella probably, but I promise to post about other stuff as well.  It’s killing Tim, but I just felt theatre and baby blogging don’t mix well!  Please come visit if you’d like!

I Ain’t Got No Motivation

I really should be doing something responsible.