On Friday September 25th we will lock 7 writers into the Off Center at 10pm. They will write ferociously until 7am the next morning when we bring in directors and actors. They will rehearse all day, and at 8pm, YOU the audience show up, ready to see 7 brilliant new plays.

September 26th at 8pm
The Off Center


Watch Flimflam happen at our LiveBlog

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Max Langert
Sarah Saltwick
Paul Emig
Aimee Gonzalez
E.D. Harrelson
Timothy Thomas
Julie Winston-Thomas
Miriam Rubin
Bill Arnold
Jennifer McKenna
Lynn Beaver
Frank Benge
Ian LeClair
Dawn Youngs
Jeanne Harris
Alexandra Russo
Trey Deason
Karen Jambon
Andy Brown
Rene Brown
Andy Smith
Mary Roark
Martina Ohlhauser
Marc Balester
Laurie Gallardo
Debbi DeSimone
Mason Stewart
Tyler Jones
Jessica Medina
Courtney Hopkin
Ian King
Amy Lewis
Anna Larson
Beth Trumpy
Le Easter