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yucky Chinese water

I was talking about this picture with Julie over the weekend. Isn’t it disgusting? People in china drink that stuff. Talk about living in the industrial revolution.

This story is interesting. Julie and I went to WalMart this weekend. And it was as horrible and as ugly as I remember. They’re currently in the process of converting it to a Super Walmart, but it was pretty much the same ugly it always was. If anything the construction was the most effecient, attractive thing going on.

The “greeter” stopped us coming in and asked if we had returns. We answered yes, and he had to rummage around and affix stickers to our items. Even though we were literally 10 feet away from the returns desk. Do they have that much graft in 10 feet?

We were there buying towels and we found what we needed. And ogled all the crap we couldn’t possibly ever need. The one bright spot was that we did have an awesome employee check us out. They have little bells like the kind a school teacher would have at each check out. If you get great service you can ring the bell. I don’t know if there’s someone tallying the bell rings, but it is kind of interesting. You could probably choose which line you wanted to get in by the amount of bell ringing going on ahead of you. The women who checked us out was getting enthusiastic ringing from every person who went through her line.

But that article brings up an interesting point. I say all the time that I want to support companies that do these sorts of things. And yet I keep going to Target. Target has announced nothing green to my knowledge. They’re just selling slightly more attractive Chinese crap, at slightly fewer stores and taking no responsibility for what they’re doing. WalMart’s definitely on the right track. I guess I should just suck up my love of aesthetics and buy my household staples there.