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latest republican ploy

Millions of Chinese-made toys have been recalled in recent months. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, this week urged the commission’s head, Nancy Nord, to resign.

Pelosi said Nord has failed to see the gravity of the situation and continues to oppose Democratic efforts to double her agency’s dollars and give it more authority. Nord said she has no intention of resigning.

So they’re trying to make our child stupid through lead poisoning so that they’ll vote Republican. Priming the next generation. It all makes sense.

Seriously though. WTF is wrong with our government that no agency ever wants more money, but they all complain that they can’t get their work done.

Today’s Conservative Talking Points

Just in case you haven’t been tuned into your radio (I hadn’t), here are your conservative talking points for today:

  • Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize even though he is a liar.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to people for their (supposed) work on the environment. Not peace. How is that a peace prize?
  • Al Gore’s “Inconvient Truth” is devoid of truth. Feel free to improvise a pun.
  • Yassir Arafat was also awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, and that hasn’t worked out so well. So obviously it’s not really a very prestigious award.

Let’s get out there and send this to everyone in the MSM and post it on every comment section in the blogosphere!