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SHARED: Liz Fisher's Austin

Liz Fisher.

I know, I know, it seems like I am forever going on about how over-the-top fantastic Austin's theater scene is. I am so lucky that I stumbled into the role of theater reviewer, one of the many writing hats I wear in Austin — a gig that allows me the chance to take in shows all the time. I don't have a TV and with so many great live performances happening any given weekend, I don't need one.

Of course no great theater scene could exist without great actors, directors, producers and writers, and toward this end, the talent pool in Austin can only be described as an embarrassment of riches. Among those who make the Austin theater experience so memorable is Liz Fisher, who writes, acts, and produces. In her day job, she’s the Program Coordinator for Shakespeare at Winedale, an annual tribute to the bard. By night, she takes to the stage, showcasing her astounding ability to become a character.

I'm not alone in my awe — Fisher has been nominated for countless awards. I particularly loved her work in Bombs in Your Mouth and Featuring Loretta, both of which played at the Hyde Park Theatre where she is a Core Company Member. Here, Fisher shares some of her favorite Austin haunts.

Describe a Perfect Day in Austin

  • Pick up an iced latte from Mozart’s on my way to Red Bud Isle with the pup and the hubby.
  • After a leisurely walk around the island (and enough fetch to tire the dog out), pancakes at Austin Java followed by whatever the juice doctors at Daily Juice recommend.
  • Quick lunch downtown so I can stop in at some of the amazing art galleries near the heart of the city and just east of 35 (big thanks to E.A.S.T for teaching me where the great art is hidden in this city).
  • Swing by BookPeople to grab the current staff picks.
  • Hanging out at Dolce Vita, either people watching, reading, or surfing the interwebs.
  • Drinks on the patio of Hotel San Jose.
  • Either catching the hot new play at one of the many incredible Austin theaters (Hyde Park Theater, Off Center, Salvage Vanguard, Blue, Austin Playhouse being some of my favorites) or heading over to Alamo Drafthouse. I’m so spoiled by Alamo I can’t go to a normal movie theater any more. How did I ever watch movies without beer and REAL popcorn?!

What Are Your Favorite Dishes Around Town?

Mmmm… this is a tough one. Austin's always adding to its list of delicious and affordable places to eat, so it's hard to pick just one. Here are some of my current favorites:

I could keep going like this for days….

What’s Your Best-Kept Austin Secret?

Learn the roads east of I-35 so you don’t have to sit in rush hour traffic.