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I came in 3rd.

Wow, I came in 3rd in my age group in the Sunstroke 5k last night. Which feels pretty good. Until you notice that 1st and 2nd place came within 14 seconds of each other. And I was 6 minutes 9 seconds out of 2nd place. Yeah, I rock. 26:24 was the actual time if you’re interested. That’s over a minute worse than my last time.

I felt like I pulled a pretty good race out, though. I was feeling like I was hung over yesterday (which is always unfortunate when you didn’t do any drinking the night before). I was drinking water like crazy yesterday, but I couldn’t make the feeling go away. At about mile 2.5 I had to stop and walk because I was having that wonderful sensation of the lights going out. That’s definitely my favorite running sensation. I pulled through though. I followed a guy in, caught him, and would have passed him for the finish if the trail hadn’t been crowded. I’m not big into running people down. I did almost get run down by the guy who ended up winning overall last night. He took a turn really wide. Like, almost ran into the chain link fence I was running along wide. It was excessive. He could have cut the corner, I have no clue why he had to turn that wide. He was definitely running out of control. I also had to jump off the path to dodge a bunch of people taking up the entire track. Really rude. If you’re going to pass on the narrow parts of the course, you could at least have the courtesy to drop back if someone’s coming the other direction and not force them off the road. Ahh well. It was fun in any case.

Someday I’ll post about the fantastic-ness that was slapdash this year. And me going psychotic after being awake for 43 hours. But that day is not today.

5k – Day Two

Man, these 5ks in the morning are hard. Today was harder than yesterday. I was a bit sore which didn’t help. Oh well, tomorrow will probably be better. I also upped my sports drink intake (milk) up to 48 ounces after running. And I’ve been to the bathroom twice today. That worries me a bit. I sweat far too much.

I was going to post some food pictures from the Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry I made last night, but the pictures aren’t up yet. Maybe tomorrow.

A 5k a Day

Man, I’m beat. We went over to my parents’ house last night for dinner and a game. I know we’re very wholesome. We played Chronology this time. Chronology would be a fun game, except it has this small problem. The main strategy to winning is to sit to the right of someone who doesn’t know history well. It’s a really unbalanced game. That said learning about history is always fun (at least if you’re married or related to me) so we had a good time anyway. We ended up staying until around 11pm so Julie could win.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am and thankfully my iPod was charged. It’s been giving me trouble lately. It doesn’t seem to want to charge, and it will randomly and mysteriously have no battery life left. This morning I went in and it gave me the thumbs up, though, so I headed out. I’ve been wanting to start doing a 5k every morning, but without my iPod to help me plan a route (by telling me how far I’d run) it seemed a bit hopeless. I have a route now, so now I need to speed it up a bit. I was a little over 30 minutes, which is a lot slower than what I run in races. Got to pick up the pace a bit.

Anyway, had a good weekend. You can read about that on Julie’s blog.

Getting there…

So last night I did another Sunstroke 5k at town lake. Anyone who’d like to join me for one of those feel free. They’re a lot of fun. Anyway, last night I finished in 25:19.5 which is 8.07/mile. That completely blows away my previous times, and gets me close to the under 8 minute mile mark (which I psychologically really want to get under). I wonder if my dietary changes have been helping this. Julie is doing weight watchers, so I’ve been making food that has a lot less fat. And cutting out most of the fat that remains. The hardest part is olive oil. I get to put in at most 4 teaspoons per dish. Most call for about 3 tablespoons, so that’s been a challenge.

As soon as Julie downloads this weekends pictures, I want to have a food post about this great salmon dish I made.