Prop 3 and Prop 4 funding.

The Austin Bulldog has an article on fundraising for Prop 3 and 4. Perhaps most interesting is parsing what corporations think will happen versus what the campaigns are saying. Prop 4 is primarily funded by lawyers, the builders of Circle C (and longstanding foe of Save our Springs), and Austin Cab Company.

Prop 3 is primarily funded by home builders and out-of-state commercial/residential property owners (home away style??). As well as libertarian groups.

Still somewhat puzzled by what the libertarian groups hope to get out of this? There is no geographic region of libertarians in this town whose voices are being blotted out by all those voters in central Austin.

I’m assuming the cab company wants to ensure that it continues to be easy to lobby for their monopoly of permits. 10-1 seems like it could easily lead to 10 geographic cab companies.

Obviously the biggest group are home-builders who see both plans as a boon to making it easier to build in Austin. Especially West Austin over the aquifer. Far-west Austin does not have a strong history of voting in elections, and this could make it easier to outvote the environmental voting block (which after this will more than likely be concentrated in one or two districts).

I think I’m going to vote no on Prop 3 and 4. They both seem like a bad idea. Do you have any thoughts on what you think the source of this money means?