Sunstroke 5k #12 – 2010

Fantastic weather tonight. A wonderfully cool 79 degrees with a breeze pretty much the entire length of the race. I ended up running behind a kid who looked like me at 10 years old for about the first mile. Like chasing my youth. Except that he was far faster than I ever was, which was funny because he seemed about equally coordinated with limbs flying every which way as he ran.

Very happy with this race time. Wish I’d pushed myself just a tiny bit more since I only needed to shave off about 20 more seconds to be under 8 minutes. All in all a fantastic race and end to the season.

Race Time Min/Mile
2 26:45 8:34
6 26:44 8:34
10 26:17 8:21
12 25:16 8:06