Interactivity and Waiting

So I installed a system software update on my PS3 last night and had to wait for it to install. Julie and I wanted to watch a Netflix movie, and it’s tedious that I have to update something on my PS3 pretty much everytime I want to use it, but that’s a rant for another time.

So anytime I install a PS3 software update it always creeps very slowly up to 61% then jumps to 100%. So I’m quite confident the bar is a sham. This got my brainstorming.

Why couldn’t the bar respond to input? Like have it install a second slower per percentage, but if I bang on the buttons or shake the controller the bar moves faster. Make me feel like I have some control over the situation!

Which then made me think – couldn’t you provide me with a simple game like Soduku or Minesweeper to play while I wait.

Which made me think of Noby, Noby Boy where I get to fly a butterfly around the screen while I wait.

I know we want to look “professional”, but I’m sure that customers wouldn’t complain if they weren’t FORCED to go get coffee when they started an install.