801 Barton Springs Denied

So the 801 Barton Springs PUD was looks like it’s going to be a no go. PUD’s are meant for large developments. Over 10 acres. This project was simply a single building. There’s no reason for the city to be helping developers build single buildings. The city got nothing from approving the PUD. There were no public parks. No bike cut throughs from Bouldin to Barton Springs. No affordable housing. Nothing of value for the community at all.

This is a great example of when a PUD should not be used. The economics easily justify building a 60′ building with ground floor retail in that space. This is a clear cut example of requesting a variance for no reason.

At the same time the neighborhood needs to not say that a 60′ building in this space is “[not] compatible with neighborhood plans” and “[not] compatible with adjacent property and land uses”. A 60′ building in between a 60′ office building and 100′ office building across from what is essentially a convention center is not compatible with neighborhood plans or adjacent property and land uses? Really? This is why ANC is losing credibility. They should just change their name to the Austin Surface Parking Preservation Council. There is no excuse for defending the ruined foundation of a restaraunt in this location.

Both sides are wrong.

Here are the ANC notes that address it.

And the citiy’s case review.