A Helpful Guide to Your Position on Healthcare Reform

1) Check your investments.
2) Do you have investments? (Yes – goto 3, No – goto 10)
3) Do you have health care investments? (Yes – goto 4, No – goto 10)
4) Store your annual rate of return in field A
5) Check your health care plan.
6) Do you have a health care plan? (Yes – goto 7, No – goto 10)
7) Store your annual rate increase in field B
8) Is field B less than field A (Yes – goto 9, No – goto 10)
9) You have made a good investment and should be against health care reform.
10) You are for health care reform.

It’s interesting to me that the anti-tax group seems to be the anti-health care reform group. So they’re unwilling to pay anything for government services, but if it is a private service they expect, nay demand, to pay through the nose for it!