Racing in a race

Whoops, forgot to update on this Wednesday’s race. This was the first time I’ve ever actually been competitive in a race. I was pacing myself against a guy in front of me for about 1/5 of the race. We started going back uphill and he slowed. All my running up and down Oltorf and Parker really paid off. The guy stayed behind me up until pretty much the 3 mile marker. He had a friend who was a much better runner trying to help run him in. I picked up the pace to stay even with the guy who was running him in and managed to stay ahead of both of them. We turned in pretty much the same time, but I beat him by a hundred feet or so. Here’s my race totals so far. All in all, I’m really happy with my performance this year. Even if I’m still 10th in my age group.

Race Time Min/Mile
1 27:05 8:41
2 25:54 8:18
3 25:32 8:11