I have the best wife.

Julie and Stella just made a beeline past my office door giggling on the way to the potty. Julie has started trying to potty train Stella today. I’d say that we are potty training Stella, but Julie is doing the bulk of the work since she’s the SAHM and it would feel disingenuous. Like saying “we’re” pregnant. The hearts in the right place, but it definitely doesn’t speak to the person doing the bulk of the work.

That said, last night I went into the bathroom and there was Stella’s potty setup. Next to it was a small roll of toilet paper and a reward grid. Julie has a complex rewards system for Stella. It’s super cute. Julie’s such a good mom.

Now hopefully Stella will get the concepts. She’s very cooperative, but from what I can tell I think we’re at 0-5 with the panties loosing