Sunstroke 5k – 5/14

So we headed up to Brushy Creek on Wednesday despite the threatening skies. Really not a bad drive. It took us 45 minutes with very little traffic. I’m trying to run the entire Sunstroke Stampede series this year so there are a few more trips up North in our future. We’ll see if Julie stays on board.

I started a little too far in the back of the pack, and I probably lost a few seconds trying to navigate around people. I find it hard to find a good spot though. That said it was a pretty decent first race. I finished in 27:05. Which is a pace of 8:41/m. Not even close to my best time from last year – 25:19, but I’ve been slacking.

Next Wednesday – 5/21 – is at Town Lake. Just park on the North Side of the lake right under I-35. The run kicks off at 7pm and is $10. Just bring the cash to the park and you can run. No pre-planning necessary. I’d love to see some of my blog readers out there. It’s a great run.