Let’s Hear It For Light Rail!

So, I was thinking about how I personally could help to promote light rail. Far too often I hear people just regurgiating stuff like “CapMetro is ineffecient” and “all the buses run empty”. Obviously these are people who don’t know the facts or just choose to ignore them. But there’s a part of our brains that like to cling to these almost religious beliefs and defend them to the death.

So as I was running around my neighborhood this morning (not on trails, but some are due this Fall). I realized that we should try to get people excited about this route. Point out where it does go. Point out the other bus (and train) routes it intersects. Point out the new projects that are being built along its route. To that end I want to compile a list of cool places to live and work and go that are within a mile of this proposed route. I’m going to try to keep updating it. If you have cool places leave them in the comments.

Here’s the route again for reference:

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Here’s a density map from the chamber of commerce. A bit hard to read, but it proves that this route already goes through some of the most dense parts of Austin:

Arts (Wow, The Theater Community in Austin needs to get behind this. We’re only missing approx. 4 theaters)

Austin Museum of Art


Arts on Real

City Theater

Salvage Vanguard

The Vortex

The Long Center

The Dougherty Arts Center

Bass Concert Hall

McCollough Theater

Payne Theater

Brocket Theater

UT Lab Theater



East Side Cafe



Ladybird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

Waterloo Park

Little Stacy Park

Lakeshore Park

Auditorium Shores

Living (Trying just to list only new stuff here, and doing a poor jobs of getting actual names)


CWS Towers

Four Seasons Residences

Star Riverside Condos


AMLI Residential Riverside Project

Sutton Co. Condos

Cypress Real Estate Advisors Mixed-Use Project on Lakeshore

W Hotel and Residences

Brazos Lofts

The Paramount’s Loft Project


HEB on Riverside



KOOP Radio

Peter Pan Golf

Riverside Golf Course

The Convention Center


ACC Riverside

University of Texas


Brackenridge Hospital

Dell Children’s Hospital

Employment Centers

Met Center

University of Texas


City Hall

Mueller Employers


Erwin Center

Royal Stadium

Disch-Falk Field


All local bus routes (1-37)

All flyer bus routes (I think)

Commuter Rail


4 Seasons

Ok, back to work. You guys help me fill in the rest. I think this is making a pretty good case for light rail.