I didn’t think it would be so hard

So my dog Roxie is dying. From what I can tell she’s dying of old age. This has involved a loss of appetite. Loss of weight. A bit of dementia. A bit of hearing loss. A lot of incontinence.

We kept expecting to wake up one morning and she wouldn’t wake up with us.

But she just keeps getting worse. Her back legs barely keep her up. This morning she woke me up howling softly. She was splayed out flat on the floor. She had slipped and landed so that she was partially under our Victrola, and couldn’t get up. Plus she had slipped on her own waste. Which I’m assuming was not particularly pleasant for her to lay in.

This insured that she got a bath today. Which she found unpleasant.

Then at lunch time she got stuck in the middle of one of our box hedges. And barked to be let out. Just now she got stuck inside a chair. I’ve figured out that she’s getting into these messes because she’s trying to stand up with something else helping to prop her up.

She’s sitting on my lap now. I guess we’ll need to see the vet in the next few days.

I guess I’ve been prepared for her to die, but not for her to suffer.