Parker Lane Kicked My Ass – Twice!

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So this is the route I ran today. I’m trying to make Fridays my long run days. Plus I just like picking up the hike and bike trail. But I had no clue I went that far! The first part was nice. The trail was pretty much deserted. I did encounter a man with his car parked just off the trail (I don’t know how he got his car on the trail) with no pants on. He had underwear on thankfully.

Other than that I was having a nice time tooling around the lake. It’s really pretty this time of year. Looking at the apartment complexes on the south bank they’re demolishing for condos. Noticing that UT is building a business school off of Riverside. Then I got to Parker. I wanted to run up parker because there’s lots of interesting architecture, unlike Pleasant Valley my normal haunt that is all apartment complexes. I made it all the way up to Woodland running, but I had to stop and walk. It was too much. Something about hitting the flat bit after the climb made me even more tired. I crossed woodland and started running again. Passed a house that looked fairly similar to ours. Same brick. Same beams. It was smaller and had fewer windows though.

After crossing Oltorf I made it all the way up to my friend Erin’s apartment complex before having to walk again. It was so steep there that I passed a kid who was having to walk his bicycle. I had a pleasant run through Mable Davis and then came on home. All in all, a nice run.

Oh. And it appears I ran 8.5 miles. I didn’t think I’d gone that far. I think the map would be more impressive if you could tell that my starting point is only a quarter of a mile from 71.