feelin’ blue

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. As my blog pen pals you deserve better.

But the move took a lot out of me, and we didn’t have internet for a while. And what Internet we did have was a blistering 386kbps. Apparently they’ve upped it to the super speedy 768 kbps. Which technically means at the very least we need a discount. Cause their 786kbps service costs $5 less a month than what we’re paying.

But I’m feeling blue cause today is my last day working downtown. I’m then going to be moving to the hole of humanity that is office space off of 360. If you like views of hills studded with ugly architechture, then it’s the place for you! Also if you like to drive up and down 20 mile highways with no cross streets! Thrill to accidents that back up traffic for hours!

And this office is the exact same location that DMi was when I started. Even down to the same floor. Granted they own the 2/3 of the floor that Digital Motorworks did not own at the time, so I’m not in the exact same office. But I get to use the same bathroom which I think is close enough. I can take the stairs down for a smoke if I wanted. And still smoked.

I don’t really want to go back to where I’ve been.

And I have to finish the Automat tonight/early tomorrow morning. This is first draft number 8. I’ll probably be better tomorrow afternoon. Speaking of the Automat. Be sure to Join us under the Oak for the reading of my new play, won’t you? You know you want to check out our super-cool mid-century modern ranch:

Fresh off the success of Little Murders, Loaded Gun Theory presents a reading of our next production, The Automat, a NEW play by LGT resident playwright, Timothy Thomas. The show won’t be performed until February 29th-March 16th at the Dougherty Arts Center, but you can get a sneak peek at the script in December!

Loaded Gun Theory is having a fundraiser to read The Automat and raise funds for its production. Admission is by donation and we’ll be selling baked goods,