arghhhh…. need sleep!

As you know yesterday was the switch into Daylight Savings Time. One of many of our ridiculous concessions to farm staters (who apparently need light to work in the morning, but not at night). Theoretically this means I have a week or two of reduced danger for running into trees on my morning jogs. Which I haven’t run in a week. Because I haven’t slept.

Stella decided last week that she would like to get up at 7:00am rather than 7:30. I’m not cool with that in general. But with Daylight Savings that would mean should would be getting up at 6:00am. If she woke up at 6:30am I would just take her running with me. But 6:00? No sir.

With that in mind we spent all day yesterday engaged in Project: “Keep Stella Awake”. We went to the mall during her nap time. At the mall she proceeded to run around stores for about 2 hours straight. Really. Considering that previously the longest she’s run is about ten feet, this was pretty shocking. We lapped Express about 20 or 30 times in the time it took Julie to try on 3 pairs of jeans, and we lapped Macy’s three times. Any time she tired Stella sat down on the base of a clothing rack and patted next to her for me to sit down. She doesn’t quite grasp yet that I can’t sit under the clothing.

We eventually got home. Had many meltdowns. Had many more meltdowns. Baba and Grandaddy came home and gave Stella a bath and put her to bed at 8. Which meant that Stella stayed up an extra hour and didn’t have a nap. We were successful at keeping Stella awake.

Then at 12:30 last night Julie woke up with severe stomach pain. Which meant no sleep until 1:30am when I ended up taking out a bag to the trash and finally getting back to sleep.

Stella slept until 7:20 this morning. So mission successful.

But I still want some sleep.