take your child to the theater!

We took Stella to see Second Youth Family Theater’s production of “Wiley and the Hairy Man”. We were a bit nervous because we weren’t sure how Stella would react to an hour long show. Everything in our culture seems to point to kids not having the attention span for this sort of thing. But she loved it. And it was probably directed at elementary school kids so were impressed. She got antsy occasionally when all they were doing onstage was talking, but mostly she was mostly engaged.

We’re ecstatic. We can’t wait to take her to see “The Toys Take Over Christmas” this year.

I’d highly recommend taking kids to the theatre. They love it and it’s something the whole family can get out and do together. Which is really nice.

I’m not looking forward to when Stella can recognize that the Daugherty Arts Center is right next to the new Town Lake Park that has all of the cool water jets, however.