Post Every Day

I’m going to try to do that thing where I post every day. I can’t remember what it’s called. But I’m going to try it. Oh and buy tickets to Little Murders.

So yesterday I went out to lunch at Koriente. It’s Korean health food. Tasty stuff. I had garden hand rolls, which came with a dollop of wasabi. So, I got a little up my nose, and tearing up a bit, and this co-worker mentions that he ate suck a large clump once that he got a headache.

I was dubious. So I ate a decent sized piece. Then I ate about a half-teaspoon at once. No headache. But I did get some nice heartburn for a couple hours.

At Bill and Ian’s halloween party last weekend I was swallowing matches. Well, I was lighting them, and putting them in my mouth to extinguish them. You finish the trick by blowing out an enormous amount of smoke that the match has left in your mouth. It’s really poetic.

But this got me thinking about men and stupid stuff. Like why do we do it? With the wasabi my coworkers mentioned that they would have paid me to eat it as a dare, but I’d already eaten it. You often see this written off as competitive, but I’m not competitive. I just have this intense drive to see what will happen if I do things that other people find ridiculous or foolish. Some sort of perverted version of the scientific method I guess.