How not to earn sympathy

Wow. This article on CNN should be a poster child for not only how not to win sympathy, and perhaps also how to start a revolution. It almost smacks of “Let them eat cake”. Some choice quotes:

the fires that are consuming millions of dollars of homes all over the region

Because really, it’s the value of the homes that matters

Across the street from the high school, multimillion dollar homes behind gates are ashes.

Should have gotten that fire-retardent gate.

Quaalcom Stadium is filled with folks with no other place to go. Like Hurricane Katrina, it is a setup for criminal activity but so far they do have electricity and running water.

I had not clue that rich people went Lord of the Flies so quickly.

We do have insurance, of course. Before all of this, we were planning on putting the house on the market in the late winter and look to sell and downsize. SJ and Alex will be in college next fall and we certainly don’t need a 6,500 square foot home to maintain and pay taxes on. So, who knows what the future holds now?

An insurance settlement and an anecdote for cocktail parties? Rebuilding on the same spot so it can be burned down again in a few years? I dunno, but the future certainly seems exciting

I’m sure that there are normal people being affected by this (I’m guessing that there aren’t 250,000 rich people who can’t get a hotel room in San Diego), but I wouldn’t know it from CNN.

Oh, wait. They have a new headline in my newsfeed – “Fire affects TV shows, celebrities”. This is exactly like Katrina.