Running in the heat.

Update: Apparently Chicagoans aren’t so wimpy after all.

Am I the only Texan runner who thinks those Chicagoans are wimps? Granted I don’t run marathons (because, they have side effects like, you know, death), but 88 degrees? Balmy.

On Saturday I ended up walking 4 miles with my mom. She wanted to run with me, but she really can’t run. She runs really fast, then gets winded and has to walk, then runs really fast, etc. Then I ran two more miles with Stella so I’d actually get the run in. This pushed me into exercising for about 2 hours in the late morning which is not when I normally exercise. I went home and drank a 16 oz glass of milk. Then 3 16 oz glasses of water. Then as we headed out to Fredericksberg I got a 60 oz soda (it was only .30 more expensive than 32 oz), and drank most of it. Then I downed two beers. I was a little worried about water poisoning at that point. But, what the heck. In any case I didn’t feel great again until about mid-afternoon Sunday after a 2 hour nap.

Fredericksberg was fun though. We had a nice time with the kids. I danced a waltz with Stella, and a polka with Julie. The polka was horribly romantic. I do miss social dancing with Julie. Just not enough opportunities to do it these days.

The beer was actually German at Fredericksberg’s Oktoberfest and the sausage was far better than Wurstfest. We capped the evening with dinner at our favorite biergarten there (I got their mixed sausage plate appetizer because I must have as much sausage as possible), and I got a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen on the way out of town. All in all, a very nice day.