If you’re one of those people who don’t watch TV feel free not to read this entry. And bask in your moral superiority. Also consider making out with yourself in the mirror. That intellect makes you so hot…

Kelli was talking today about the new fall TV season. I’ve got to say that Julie and I are a bit more interested than usual. We like to unwind to a show before we go to bed at night. Since we moved in with my parents we haven’t had cable. We could have gotten cable, but decided not to. My parents have a cable modem and no cable TV. We were afraid that if we added cable TV to their bill it would never get canceled and result in shenanigans and drama. Erroneous bills, collectors calls, bad debts, we feared it all. This is just an extension of my mom’s ability to come in during the only objectionable part of any TV show. She hates TV and TV likes to prove her right. I’m sure the cable company can oblige with their patented incompetent business processes.

So we’ve been doing without. Hasn’t really been too hard. Although, Julie joneses for HGTV shows something fierce. Their website is lame. They have House Hunters, but they only have the reveal. You don’t get to see the three houses they’re choosing from. Bah! We also really enjoyed “Tori and Dean in Love” while on our vacation to Port Aransis, but their streaming appears to be technology from the Netscape Navigator 4 era. Seriously. It’s bad. Seriously. Check it out.

So what have we been watching? We had been watching Top Chef Season 3. Which rocked. We were buying them from iTunes. That shows how much we liked it. Buying episodes. But that’s over now.

We also got hooked on Scott Baio is 45 and Single on Joost, but they only have half the season – BECAUSE THEY ARE EVIL!

The Office still seems good. 30 Rock seems like it might have jumped the shark. And Pushing Daisies has promise. Anything we should be watching that’s available (legally) online?