Man They’re Quick

So three days later we went back out. We brought our inspector with us:

They have put in electrics, the house numbers, finished up the siding, finished up the windows, added railings to the stairs, and finished all additional framing. It was amazing.

Most exciting for me was the garage door pre-wiring. We paid something like $75 for garage door pre-wiring. I was expecting this to be like our last house with their ceiling fan “pre-wires”. You paid the protection fee, and they made sure they actually bothered to put electricity in your ceiling. Then they put an ugly little plate on top of the electrical box. The box was probably not flush with the drywall, and they probably didn’t use enough staples to install the spanner bar, but you got the electricity.

The garage door prewire in this house is awesome. There are electrical boxes for the two motion sensors at the front of the garage. There is a box for the electrical and for the control switch connection in the ceiling, and there’s a box by the back door for the actual control. Amazing. Now it will only take me 4 hours to install rather than 8. And it will look fantastic. I’ll be able to have tours of my wire-free garage! Sign up now!

If I’d known that we’d have this long and that we’d have our 20% down payment saved I would have insisted that we pay to have them install the garage door opener. That has got to be the worst job on earth. Seriously.