Julie and I went to Port Aransas this past weekend. We dropped off Stella with her MiMi in Houston and just took off. We stayed in a condo with a pool and a hottub. It was wonderful. We ate lots of food. Friday was fried seafood (not so good), Saturday was Mexican Seafood (fantastic crab enchiladas), and Sunday was Italian Seafood (lump crab and sausage pasta). Did I mention it was relaxing? We did nothing. We sat in the hot tub every night. We spent hours talking on the balcony and drinking wine. We took a walk on the beach in the dark. The most tiring thing we did was buying a new bathing suit for Julie. Her old one was practically falling off in the waves. So Julie now has a bikini. It was a good vacation.

We came back and they’d made great progress on the house. See below.

My Mom’s currently in Michigan taking care of my Grandma, and my Dad has gone to Houston for the weekend, so last night Julie and I had a pizza and a bottle of wine. Which was wonderful.

Plus we went to take pictures for a calendar that ACOT is putting together. It was a lot of fun. We took them at a new park that’s just opened. Afterwards the kids got to play in the water fountains and pools. This picture totally sums up how I feel this week: