Update All At Once


I have when I haven’t written in a while and I have to catchup. It makes me not want to write until I can address everything adequately, which is ridiculous and quite frankly simply a way to procrastinate. In any case, let’s just start:


My parent’s neighborhood is riddled with wildlife. I’m loving it. My first day running on the trail in their neighborhood I ran into a doe and a fawn hanging out by the side of the trail. The next day I ran into them again, and two more deer by the retaining pond. Yesterday I ran into a full blown convocation of deer. I split up their meeting and they took off running. I’ve seen deer run before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen how fast they move when being chased. I was essentially chasing one of them (as she was running the same way I was), and it was like lightening, easily twice as fast as I normally see them running, and I thought that was plenty fast.

Last week Julie and I went on a walk and counted 15 frogs. Nothing important there. I just like frogs. I like to look at them. I like the fact they eat bugs.


We went to Houston this weekend. It was fun. We stayed with Julie’s parent’s and got to see her brother and friend Sarah. Unfortunately, I managed to develop some fairly severe lower back pain on Saturday morning. I’ve been really careful to lift Stella with my knees so I really haven’t had any issues with her, but I bent over to pickup a shoe and my back just started screaming with pain. I’d forgotten that I used to have a lot of back pain before we got our Sleep Number bed (you’d sound like a walking advertisement too if you hadn’t had any back pain at all since you bought a product). I guess too many strange beds finally took it out on my back. I was on my back for Saturday morning, and I was able to wander around by the afternoon, and mostly better by evening. I’m not a good patient. As of today it’s mostly gone away, but lifting Stella to change her diaper yesterday morning had me almost screaming in pain. Unfortunately, when she’s completely out sleeping there’s no way to get her our of her crib other than lifting with my back.

Saturday night we got out and saw Stardust, which I really enjoyed. Really imaginative. I’ve been in a fantasy frame of mind lately so this was nice to see. Makes me want to go to the library and get more Neil Gamin books. Beowolf looks ridiculous though. I had no clue why anyone would want to make a movie out of that story, and the trailer makes it look worse than possible. Speaking of trailers we saw the one for “The Dark is Rising”. Oh, I’m sorry, “The Seer – The Dark is Rising”. They look to have horribly destroyed one of my favorite books. The main character is an American kid, and the whole tone is wrong. The book took place in the dead of winter, and all events seem to occur at dusk or during the night. The preview looked like some sort of European travelogue. It’s pretty obvious that Hollywood is going to turn off the American public to fantasy movies again by doing poor adaptations that rely on even worse special effects. Seriously, this was even a problem with Stardust. They kept having the camera fly around poorly rendered scenery that looked like something out of a video game circa 1999. Hopefully they’ll get a few more like Stardust made before they stop making fantasy movies for another 20 years.

We had lunch with my family on Sunday.

The House

We signed our paperwork to sell the house on Friday, but it still hasn’t funded. We make $45 every day they don’t fund, so it’s not a horrible problem, other than being terribly inconvenient. We think they’ll get it by the end of the day today. At one point today they had sent us about $2k. Because you can buy a house for that.


Is there anything else I’m forgetting? I don’t think much. Stella’s really become a little girl. She runs everywhere now. No more walking. She’s always ahead of me waiting for me to catchup. We had a lot of fun alone last night (Granddaddy and Baba at Church, Julie at ACOT meeting). She did slip and fall in the bathtub though. Because those sort of things only happen when you’re alone. Nothing bad happened, and she didn’t even really cry, just sat there looking stunned. Then she immediately tried to stand up in the bathtub again. Strong willed that girl.

The Bus

These people are back on my bus, but they really don’t look well and aren’t moving well.


Ok that’s it. Not literary, but up to date, and I can go back to writing single topic blog posts.