Good Weekend

Man this past weekend was good. So much better than last weekend.

Friday night started out a bit rough. Julie wasn’t in a great mood and we were looking for a Mexican restaurant to eat at. We tried Casa Garcia, but they had a 25 minute wait. No good for our fading child. I suggested Bonitas, but by that point Julie had gone into full-bore pessimist mode. It’s kind of entertaining if you can put up with it. She had decided that there was no way Bonitas had margaritas, it would be broiling hot inside (even though it was less than 80 degrees outside), and they would let her eat her tortillas. Probably the anti-christ would be there too, and the sun would crash into the earth while we were waiting in the parking lot for their 1 hour and 45 minute wait. I just drove over there, because you do have to at least try to get something to eat.

Thankfully, Julie was 100% wrong. The temperature inside was nice. They had margaritas, and the food was great. I love the place because they start you off with 6 salsas and a monkey dish full of pickled vegetables on a double-decker lazy susan with the chips on top.

I gorged myself on chips and assorted Salsas. I tried to give Stella a pickled carrot. No dice. I tried a pickled mushroom. Yum. I gave her control of the monkey dish of pickled foods to root around in. She pulled out some onions and munched happily. Then she pulled out some sort of pepper. I figured that wouldn’t last long, but she took a bite. Then she took another. Then a third. About thirty seconds this look came over her face, and she started looking intensely unhappy. She started crying a little bit and squirming, trying to escape our grasp. I tried to put her on the ground, but she didn’t want that. Eventually we got water and it was clear that the pepper’s heat had caught up with her, and she was expressing herself as best she could. It was pretty comical in retrospect. It’s fun having a kid who can make decisions and learn from them.

We got our food. I the Tacos al pastor. Julie the beef fajitas. Both of us black beans and lime cilantro rice as our sides. Their rice is fantastic. It’s so different from typical Tex-Mex. So light and fresh tasting. Their fajita meat was fantastic. I was eating it plain and while it wasn’t the best cooked meat I’ve ever had, it was the best flavored. It had an actual taste. And my tacos were good too. We all gorged on each other’s food. It was a great meal, and Julie has decided it’s our new Mexican restaurant. Hurray!

On Saturday, we took Stella to get pictures taken. I almost said “made”. Julie is rubbing off on me. Although she says pajamas like me on occasion now too. It was not particularly productive, and we ended up babysitting another child name Jayden (I have no clue how this happened, but suddenly I was taking care of two kids). This picture is my favorite. Very Clint Eastwood:

We went out to lunch with parents at Galaxy Cafe. Then off to mail off the postcards for Slapdash Flimflammery 4 (get your tickets now!). On this trip I was the ass, and we ended up driving down Slaughter, then William Cannon, even though Julie insisted the post office was off 290. Which it was.

Baby being babysitted by grandparents, we decided to drive over to CompUSA to look at laptops. Julie fell in love with an iBook’s software (specifically photobooth), but after a lot of comparisons