Food, food, and food

This post is basically the pictorial followup to this post.

First off, we went to Jason’s Deli on Sunday and got this incredibly cute picture of Stella. This is her eating ice cream. Could you distill the wonder of ice cream into a more perfect picture?

So I downloaded pictures last night and can finally post about the Salmon with Sesame and Orange-Ginger Relish Dinner I made two weeks ago. Here’s the mis en place:

I don’t think my matchstick peppers turned out quite as small as they should be, but the oranges went well. I also didn’t marinate the salmon for the full 4 hours. I think I managed about 30 minutes. It still was quite tasty though. Here’s the final product:

So this being about food, I’ll now move onto the meals for Stella. She’s been being really fussy lately. If you give her vegetables, she generally puts them into her mouth and spits them out. She’s also been being fairly difficult lately, so I figured it would make the week easier for Julie if she had meals for Stella each day that she could just heat up. Here are the four meals I made:

Meal 1:

Hamburger with Onion, with a side of Asparagus. She’s not eating the asparagus, but the dogs love it, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Meal 2:

Whole-wheat chicken Spaghetti with garlic and artichokes.

Meal 3:

Whole-wheat tortilla pizzas with chicken and artichokes.

Meal 4:

Whole-wheat quesadillas with chicken, asparagus and mixed cheese.

They’re not as nutritious as I’d like, but I think she’ll eat them. Next week I’ll start throwing all sorts of vegetables in there. I’ll look to Julie for inspiration, she’s always got good ideas for vegetables. Perhaps spinach and broccoli on the pizza next week? Cauliflower and broccolli in the spaghetti? Sweet potato instead of asparagus. We’ll see…

Finally I leave you with some cool racing pictures.

Starting the race


Stella and I running Mom in to the finish line.

So now you’re up to date. New news in the future.